WE HELP BUSINESSES, institutions AND ORGANIZATIONS ACHIEVE SUCCESS WITH EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION MATERIALS AND advertising STRATEGIES FOR PRINT AND ELECTRONIC MEDIA, INCLUDING corporate identity systems, web sites, brochures, advertisements, trade exhibit displays, and event promotion and communications.

To achieve the simple is the hardest thing.



Indigo Ink Studios is a graphic design and strategic communications firm based in Winnipeg, Canada. Our expertise in design, with the knowledge-base of passionate affiliates with specialized knowledge and skills around the world, enable us to create sustainable corporate identities, brand application, and advertising and communication materials.

Our mission is reflected in the following words: vision, passion, and imagination. We strive for excellence in all we do and are dedicated to bringing order, simplicity and clarity to human-to-human visual communications. In short, we help businesses and organisations achieve success with effective communication materials and strategies for print and electronic distribution.

Email: info@indigoinkstudios.com

Phone: +1 (847) 268 8176


We may not be able to tell you the meaning of life, but we have some simple answers to your questions about communication and design.


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