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by 'Segun Olude, MGDC

My personal goal when we opened our doors over six years ago was to work with clients who add value to humanity in one form or another. When I reflect on the years gone by, to see how the journey has been, I am proud to say I have been enriched and inspired by the incredible ways our clients are making the world a better place.

We have had all kinds of clients. Thankfully, most of them are still with us. Our clients have improved the environment, provided innovative solutions to improve health care, delivered empowering solutions to help people improve the quality of their lives, encouraged people to live well, educated others and provided support, beauty or expertise to ease major life transitions.

Thanks to our clients, I have learned there are a number of different ways to make the world a better place. Passion, resourcefulness and hard work are key to leaving a lasting legacy. Perhaps there is 'something stirring' in your heart that you want to do, now is the time to start.

We have a client who provides cropping services to farmers with machinery and manpower for sowing and harvesting seasons. Another one of Indigo Ink Studios' clients is a passionate individual who grows organic plants and flowers in her greenhouse without pesticides.

One client found a way to lower the amount of energy needed for high-wattage industrial lights. This unique Canadian invention is so revolutionary, it can cut energy use for streetlamps, parkades, factories and large facilities by 60% while giving off a brighter, whiter, cooler light. In fact, it’s so cool, you can touch the lamps. Imagine the amount of greenhouse gases and other pollutants that could be removed from the atmosphere if these lights are installed everywhere! If you ask me, green just got a lot brighter.

Another client has a mobile oil change service. His clients can get a quick oil change at home or at the office, using a unique sipper system that draws oil out of the engine without spillage. One of our clients has become one of the most active environmental spokesperson I know. With members of one community organisation, they developed strategies to protect a river and provide resources that helped save the river and its surrounding eco-systems.

A client of ours builds strong durable furniture for schools and educational institutions.

They put their passion into ensuring the safety of those who use their products. Their reading tables make it easy to teach reading skills to a handful of students at a time. One unique table style can be pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle to fit any space.

One client provides affordable medication via the Internet, while another manages hospitals and clinics in about half of the province's mostly rural communities. We also have a client that achieves miraculous results, using low-intensity laser to heal wounds or to stop chronic and acute pain. Another client installs movable MRI machines in hospitals across North America, saving lives with this revolutionary, first of its kind invention. Their magnet is breathtaking to watch move from diagnostic room to operating room, and back again.

One client makes people smile, by giving their teeth the attention it deserves. They even make trips around the world to help the less fortunate smile again.

One of our clients drills tiny holes and inserts cameras into building walls to find out the health of the building. Using the information they gather, they recommend ways to heal the building to make it more liveable and energy efficient. We have another client who fights mould and indoor pollution in buildings with an ozone generator.

One of our very first clients coaches and motivates women, one-on-one or in groups, to reach their highest potential. Let me not forget the client who builds pedestrian bridges, or the one who helps many families immigrate to Canada effortlessly. One client provides a place for men to work through their addictions by counselling, teaching, and mentoring them to freedom.

Let me tell you about our client who provides food, seeds and tools to people who are hungry in more than 68 countries around the world in places affected by drought, flood, civil war and other life-altering events. They partner with local communities and farmers to permanently eradicate hunger by drilling wells and building drainage and irrigation channels. When I saw a video documenting some of their work, I cried with joy. They have changed lives and whole communities with their work, and they are not done yet.

There is yet another client who does humanitarian work in Canada, helping new immigrants to find their way in a different country with a different culture, laws and customs. With her support, newcomers can steer around the bureaucracy, navigate the streets in a new city, learn tax information and find a doctor and a place to live, with little assistance outside her own funds.

And yes, we have a client who travels across the world to encourage people to live better lives and improve their communities by using their talents to serve the people around them, at no charge. We have clients that teach or preach or publish to the Christian community in Canada.  One of our clients uses her unique voice as an instrument to bring a message of hope to all, through her music.

A client believes she can change how people look at food, by taking time to make simple meals they can enjoy with family and friends. With a simple concept, her magazine went from local to national distribution with the very first issue.

We have had couples on their way to the altar as clients. We’ve helped them create unique wedding invitations and favours to make their wedding day memorable, or that reflect who they are and the love they share. Another unique client we have makes handmade paper for weddings and important occasions from scratch, and markets to all the continents on this earth.

We have compassionate, visionary lawyers and politicians as clients. These professionals offer real hope in times of confusion. Restaurateurs are our clients. Realtors are our clients. For them, it is not just about selling a house but putting their clients into their dream homes.

Photographers are our clients. One photographer in particular is widely published, with beautiful nature images from The Rockies to the Maritimes. Another photographer specialises in farm images of the Canadian Prairies.

One of our clients has a vision to unite the disparate African communities across Canada, by giving voice to their customs, traditions and celebrations with a magazine that is getting a lot of praise in Western Canada. Another client publishes the only student newspaper available in Trinidad and Tobago, connecting people through personal stories and positive messages.

Yet another provides expense report web applications to companies with off-site workers and satellite offices. This process has been simplified: click, enter, submit and you’re done! One client uses Internet technology to reshape the way their clients work, making them more efficient at delivering solutions to customers.

Our clients are true heroes. They are the ones who make a difference. In the coming years, we look forward to partnering with our existing and future clients in their endeavours to help people, protect the planet and save the world.

At Indigo Ink Studios, we help businesses and organisations achieve success with effective print and electronic communication materials--logos and identities, branding, corporate stationery, brochures, websites, trade show displays and more. It is not just about ink on paper. It is about having a plan and a method to achieve results.

Call or email us for an appraisal of your existing communication materials or to chat about creating a brand new identity for your organisation. And if you would like to meet one of our clients, we would be glad to make the introduction.

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